University Campus

UPC’s Igualada School of Engineering (EEI) opened in September 2014. The EEI and the A3 Chair in Leather Innovation promote professional training in the leather sector and have made possible the expansion of leather tanning studies, which have been taught in Igualada since 1958.

The new University offers very specialized leather studies, such as a Master’s Degree in Leather Engineering and a Postgraduate Course in Tanning Techniques.

The UPC Igualada School of Engineering campus is an example of educational cooperation between the academic and business sectors, as students work as interns at the tanning companies, where they obtain practical training, and at the same work on their research capabilities at the A3 Chair.

This educational center is of great interest for university students from around the world looking for a professional career in the leather sector, as it offers specialized higher education in the leather sector, as well as the benefits of the synergy with the rest of elements and actors in the Igualada Leather Cluster (industry, research, history, etc.).